Rondy Royalty


Left to Right: King and Queen Regents Duane and DiAnne Heverling, Princess Genevieve Guthrie, Heritage Ambassador Brianna Stein, Queen Brigitta Kress, Princess Olivia Larson, Lord Trapper Bob Lester & Lady Trapper Lori Brewer.

The Royal Court

There are nine members to the Rondy Royal Court: Queen, two Princesses, Heritage Ambassador, Lord & Lady Trapper, King & Queen Regent and our beloved mascot Rondy Bear! You will find the Royal Court all over our city during the festival and all over the state in the coming year. Follow us on social media to see where we will be next! Stop and say hi, take a photo with us and share your favorite part of Fur Rondy! Make sure you hashtag #RondyRoyalty so we can follow your adventures too!

Queen and Princesses

The first Fur Rendezvous Queen was selected by the most raffle ticket sales in 1936. Over the years, the program has evolved to be an elite selection of young women age 18-29 who compete for the title with interview, resume, community service & public speaking. The Queen serves as an ambassador of Fur Rondy during the festival and community events throughout the year.

Heritage Ambassador

The Heritage Ambassador was added in 2016. She is an outstanding Alaska Native young woman selected from the Queen candidates and serves to help preserve the tradition and Alaska Native spirit. The HEritage Ambassador will serve along with the Royal Court throughout the year.

Lord and Lady Trapper

Lord & Lady Trapper are outstanding citizens in our community who have contributed to the success of our city through business, community involvement and service to Fur Rendezvous. This distinctive honor dates back to the first Lord Trapper in 1981 and first Lady Trapper in 1997 and are chosen each year by former Lords and Ladies.

King and Queen Regent

Selected from the membership of the Pioneers of Alaska, the King and Queen Regent represent Alaska's tradition of Adventure

 Lord and Lady Trapper Nominations

Submit your nominations for Lord and Lady Trapper at the survey link by 11pm on Friday, December 7th!

Royalty Competition

Applications are available here and due Friday, January 7th at 5pm! Please note, only the first 15 completed applications for each age division will be accepted!

2019 Royalty Competition Schedule of Events

Friday, January 7th - 5:00pm  Application Packet Due
Rondy Office, 400 D Street or
Caffe d'Arte Corporate Office, 6436 Homer Drive
or via email to
Wednesday, January 9th - 6:30-8:00pm Candidate Informational Meeting
Caffe d'Arte Corporate Office
6436 Homer Drive, Anchorage
Friday, January 25th - 6:00-9:00pm Interview Day
IBEW 1547
3333 Denali Street, Anchorage

Saturday, January 26th - 11:00am-9:00pm

Sunday, January 27th - 10:00am-7:00pm


Rehearsal and Community Service Activity

Coronation Event (Show at 3:00pm)

South Anchorage High School
13400 Elmore Rd, Anchorage