Alaska State Snow Sculpture Championship Results!

Head down to Ship Creek to check out all the 2019 Snow Sculptures and cast your vote for the People's Choice Award! Watch as artists of varying levels create miracles from 8ft x 8ft x 8ft blocks of compressed snow. Division 1 winners go to the US Nationals to compete as Alaska’s team.

2019 Results

Division 1 (Team of Three)

1st Place: Block #19, Alaska Department of Snow, "What Feelings Sound Like"

2nd Place: Block #16, AK Awesome, "Not All The Treasure is Gold"

3rd Place: Block #15, Mars & The Snow Slayers, "Dream Sweet in Sea Major"

Division 2 (Schools)

1st Place: Block #12, Anchorage Waldorf School, "Come Together"

2nd Place: Block #11, SHS Partners Club, "The Grinch"

3rd Place: Block #1, ACE/ACT Program, "Cabin"

Division 3 (Families)

1st Place: Block #6, Best Buddies Club, "You're Amazing Just The Way You Are"

2nd Place: Block #8, Frozen Kiwis, "The Abominable Snow Hulk Emerges"

3rd Place: Block #17, BlockHeads, "Follow Me"

Division 4 (Corporate)

1st Place: Block #13, BDS Architects, "Tug of RAAWWWR"

2nd Place: Block #14, Architects Alaska, "Off The Rails"

3rd Place: Block #21, KNBA Radio, "Ivory Bear"

Division 5 (Solo)

1st Place: Block #18, Nathan Turnbull, "Groovy Puppy"

2nd Place: Block #11, White Walker, "I Seal You"

3rd Place: Block #20, SB3, "Snow Snakes"

People's Choice Winner

Block #16, AK Awesome, "Not All The Treasure Is Gold"

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