The George Attla Memorial Arch

The George Attla Memorial Arch

Imagine an arch across Fourth Avenue toward the D Street intersection. A permanent steel structure commemorating mushing history and its heroes, human and canine. With interchangeable banners and an electronic sign, it would signify the start line for not only our World Championship Sled Dog Races, but other events as well.

Buy a Paw!

Metal paws with your engraved name will be embedded in the area around the arch! $250 each!

Adopt a Silhouette

Adopt one of the dogs crowning the arch. They will be representing actual famous dogs and your name will be added on a plaque at the base of the arch that identifies their name and the story behind each canine hero.

For more information on the arch or to make your pledge, call us at 907-274-1177 or email

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