Outhouse Races

Don’t Be No. 2 in this Race to the Finish!

Reading, doing crosswords, playing games (or even talking!) on your cell phone – all to bring a little entertainment to the 94 hours in a lifetime spent on the Loo. Being the competitive types that we are, Alaskans have taken this concept to a whole new level with the World’s Largest Outhouse Races.

Register by Feb. 22 to compete for trophies and cash prizes in one of four divisions – Unlimited, Traditional, Youth, and Ladies of the Throne. Other trophies to be awarded are: Grand Champion, Best Theme, Most Colorful, People’s Choice, Cleanest, Most Realistic, Best Engineered, Best Architecture and Red Lantern.

Don’t be number two in this race to the finish! Get out your porto-potties, strap a couple skis to the bottom and head down to Fourth Avenue to prove you truly are king or queen of your throne. Outhouses may be built of any material that produces a structurally sound building on skis. The race course will be a two lane course with two teams racing each other down and back around a pylon.

The Outhouse Races are presented by the UAA and Engineering Club to raise funds for their charitable work.

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