Mushing District Phase I Schedule

This is the planned schedule for installation of the Mushing District and arch.

Schedule Date


January 2019

 Kick-off official fundraising campaign.

June 2019

Initiate all construction documents.

September 2019

Secure building permit.

October 2019

Negotiate contract for fabrication and construction of arch.

November 2019

Award fabrication contract

December 2019

Solicit bids for street work

April 2020

Award & start construction of foundations, sidewalks, & concrete work.

October 2020

Complete construction of arch.

October 2020

Complete interior work on Mushing Hall of Fame.

November 2020

Manufacture and engrave bronze disks.

February 2021

Grand dedication of the arch at 2021 Fur Rondy Celebration.

May 2021

Install banners, plaques, interpretive signage, and bronze disks.

September 2021

 Completion of Phase I