Rondy Pin and Button

The first Rondy pins were created in 1939. Each year, artists compete to design the official pin and local students do the same in a booster button contest. These pins and buttons become collector’s items; some are worth thousands of dollars.

Tara Gildow, 2017 Rondy Collector Pin Designer

Tara Gildow was born in Anchorage, Alaska, where the landscape and wildlife outside the door inspired her imagination. She graduated from Dimond High School in 2000, and went on to pursue a bachelor of fine art in painting from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR.

The Fur Rendezvous pins were something Tara always looked forward too, growing up in Anchorage. Tara has been honored to have her designs chosen for 2 previous collector’s pins and is humbled and grateful her design to be chosen for 2017 as well.

Tara chose the red fox as her design for the 2017 pin, an amazing canine that calls Alaska its home. The fox is surrounded by beautiful purple lupine that compliments the foxes copper fur and reminds us of the long, sunny days that await us in summer.

Tara spends most of her time daydreaming about working on her next commission painting or illustration work, as well as listening to the stories her 5 year old daughter has to tell her.

Maia Brown, 2017 Rondy Booster Button Designer

Maia is a 6th-grade Bayshore Eagle, who enjoys writing poetry, conducting science experiments, hiking Anchorage’s coastal trails, and cuddling with her two cats, Rigel and Pliny. She has been playing the violin since first grade and has recently taken up the cello as part of her school’s orchestra. Fur Rondy is one of her favorite times of the year for the winter carnival, fireworks, and all the people who gather to celebrate. Her design was inspired by the spirit of togetherness that Fur Rondy extends beyond the holiday season.