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What does Rondy do for the community?

Rondy partners with over 45 local non-profit organizations! Running with the Reindeer, a fundraiser for Toys for Tots, and the Miners and Trappers Ball in partnership with the Lions of Anchorage are two popular examples of Rondy partnerships. Our partnerships with the Kiwanis of Anchorage provides support for Key Clubs throughout the Anchorage School District and the Outhouse Races organized by UAA's AE Club support Habitats for Humanity! During Rondy, Anchorage enjoys an economic boost through downtown traffic that generates spending in local businesses, restaurants and hotels. Rondy also boosts winter tourism in normal years: over 25% of the festival attendees are typically from out of State, bringing outside dollars into the economy.

Why not use COVID Funds that are available?

Rondy is a 501c4 nonā€profit organization, which is an IRS designation defined as “An organization that holds an annual festival of regional customs and traditions.” This designation has prevented Rondy from applying for COVID relief grant funds, as those grants are specifically designated for 501c3 organizations. Our organization is losing most of our operating income due to reduced sponsorships and ticketed events. Instead, Rondy must go directly to our community for support.

What is the plan for Rondy 2021?

Rondy will still happen! Rondy 2021 will be reimagined to be in compliance with MOA health and safety guidelines. Outdoor events that allow for physical distancing or offer crowd control opportunities through ticketing, will still be held. Some events will transition to virtual events. For example, Fireworks by AT & T will be something to look forward to, and Great Alaska Talent Competition will be held virtually! More will be announced in December 2020 as events are finalized.

Fur Rondy is an 86 year old winter festival and has the designation of National Geographic Travelers “Best Winter Festival in the World”! Throughout the festival, we will continue partnering with local non profits and work with new partners to further our goal of giving back to the community in which we live, work, and play. Stay tuned in January for the list of Rondy Reimagined events for you and your family to enjoy by visiting!

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