Rondy Pin and Button

The first Rondy pins were created in 1939. Each year, artists compete to design the official pin and local students do the same in a booster button contest. These pins and buttons become collector’s items; some are worth thousands of dollars.

Crystal Epperly-May, 2020 Rondy Collector Pin Designer

Crystal Epperly-May was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She married Scott Heckel (a Sourdough) in 2004. They have 3 wonderful children. Crystal and her family moved to Alaska in January 2006 and have called Anchorage home ever since. She enjoys homeschooling her children, as it allows them opportunities to serve their community as part of their curriculum.

One of the community events dear to their hearts is the Annual Fur Rendezvous Festival, also known as the Rondy Festival. Their favorite activity is participating in the Snow Sculpture Competition; of which they have successfully participated in for the last 6 years as a family team and are looking forward to many more. Another highly anticipated part of the Rondy Festival is the unveiling and collecting of the Official Rondy pin. She and her family begun collecting the pins years ago. Crystal says that having her family participate in the Rondy activities and collecting the pins, gave her the inspiration to enter a design for this year’s pin. She chose the polar bear as it represents an animal she loves. Designing the pin was a way to leave her mark in Rondy history, one that would not melt away. (On a side note, Crystal is affectionately known by family and friends as “momma bear” for her unwavering love and support she consistently shows them.)

Caleb Sharrock, 2020 Rondy Booster Button Designer

Caleb Sharrock is a sixth grade student at Winterberry Charter School. He is a lifelong Alaskan who became interested in drawing at an early age. His art reflects many interests including, nature, dinosaurs, and the weird side of life. He currently has three comic strips: Dino Dung, The Reef, and Over the River. He hopes to become an overpaid, widely published cartoonist. His other favorite activities include reading, running through the woods, ski jumping, building (legos, snow forts), textile projects, textiles, listening to music, history, playing trumpet, and almost everything to do with cartoons. Oh yeah, and sleeping. His inspirations are Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), Gary Larson (The Far Side), Chad Carpenter (Tundra), the Beatles and John Williams - the composer of the Jurassic Park movie soundtrack..