Rondy Pin and Button

The first Rondy pins were created in 1939. Each year, artists compete to design the official pin and local students do the same in a booster button contest. These pins and buttons become collector’s items; some are worth thousands of dollars.

Dan Deibler, 2021 Rondy Collector Pin Designer

Dan Deibler is an oil painter and digital illustrator from Lancaster Pennsylvania. He has lived in the California Bay Area for the past 7 years, but now resides in Pittsburgh, PA to resume his physical painting work. Over the past several years he has worked as a human resource professional by day and digital artist by night, focusing on medical illustration, character design, and animal artwork.

His design celebrates the 1925 serum run and the dog who traveled the greatest distance during the journey,Togo. The famous Balto is often credited as the hero of the sled teams, whereas many mushers and dogs contributed to the overall run. While Dan is a warm weather summer kid unfamiliar with the great north, he wishes to visit soon so he can witness and paint Alaska’s incredible landscapes and wildlife, and finally enjoy Fur Rendezvous.

Aisha Liu-Rowe, 2021 Rondy Booster Button Designer

My name is Aisha Liu-Rowe and I am 8 years old. I was born in the seaside town of Tauranga on the Eastern seaboard of New Zealand and am of New Zealand European/ Chinese decent. I attended kindergarten there and loved the beaches and riding on my Dad’s jetski!

I spent the first 4 years of my life in New Zealand then moved with my Dad’s work to Singapore. Singapore was very different from New Zealand both in terms of culture and especially weather….it is hot, hotter, humid and wet all year round.

In 2018 my Dad took up his current position in Alaska and we completed our move to Anchorage in July of that year. I love playing in the snow, taking hikes (with picnics) with my mum and dad in the summer and playing with our dog, Luther.

We now live in Eagle River with its wonderful mountain views and of course, the great school of Ravenwood.

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